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Every horse has the potential to become a success and just like athletes it all comes down to training. Through our experience and knowledge we can help seamlessly transition your horse from the breaking yard into a full training establishment. Set in acres of common land there will be no problems with repetition and the highland terrain could give some horses just that small edge over the competition.

We understand that every horse is different and give each animal the individual attention that it requires, uniquely tailoring the entire process of pre-training.

Whether you are looking to bring a horse back into work or perhaps your horse would just benefit from a spell away from the strain of full training work we could save you time, save you money and perhaps increase your chances of success.

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Spelling Horses

Should your horse have suffered an unfortunate injury and it will be off the training yard for a while we also offer a spelling service. Being a racing yard we fully understand the sometimes complex needs of a thoroughbred in work and can discuss with you how to not only care for your horse but to slowly re-introduce it to work and pre-train it ready to return to the track.

Due to the nature of this type of business we encourage you to get in touch to discuss the exact nature and requirements of your horses period away from the track, our details can be found on the contact page.

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